Cumbre is the Spanish word for “summit” or “pinnacle.” My goal is that these AP courses in the social sciences will be the pinnacle of your high school years.

The Advanced Placement program is an excellent way to earn college credit while still in high school. I’ve had 14 years of experience helping hundreds of students do just that. Along the way, students hone their critical thinking skills, writing abilities, preparation for the rigors of college, and interest in the subject areas. And it always seems like they have a blast along the way!

These courses are offered under the auspices of the AP Homeschoolers program and are certified by the College Board audit process.

What we do:

  1. Prepare to excel on the AP exam(s). My students have always performed well above national averages on the AP tests. I incorporate AP-style questions on assignments throughout the year so students are very comfortable with exam content and format.
  2. Interact among students and between student and teacher. Online courses should not be characterized by students working in isolation! We communicate regularly through discussion forums, group projects, live chats, etc.
  3. Think critically. Unlike some placement tests, the AP program emphasizes not just students’ need to learn information, but to process and apply that information. Thus we focus on persuasive writing, interpreting primary sources, supporting arguments with data, and understanding current events.
  4. Pursue truth. Whoever said to avoid discussing politics and religion never took these AP courses. While my personal perspective is Christian and conservative, I welcome anyone who can respectfully present other viewpoints. I believe that truth has nothing to hide, that vigorous debate is important to learning, and that no honest question is out of line.